BLASTED! Seriously, R U OK Coyote?!

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In this special episode, get ready for JUST THE BITE! Coyote has taken a lot of bites over the past 6 years, and in this compilation you'll see him get BLASTED by BITES! This episode will have you asking the question.. R U OK Coyote?!
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    What if you get stung by a peach wasp or fly or whatever it’s called

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    into: AAA YEETSH YASH OH JESUS OHTRNW NOU GAWD AAAAAAHH *bleeds * me: ok ur in alot of pain. I broke my ankle yesterday. loose loose

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    no really R U OK how did u deal with all this stuff

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    shows blood while tells the viewers there will be blood.. squeamish people: ya couldve told us before you actually SHOWED the blood

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    wait.... isn't purposley hurting urself a sin?

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    Random thought I’ve seen a baby newly hatched alligator snapping turtle. It was so small like wow it’s hard to believe they get that stinkin big

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    This guy's crazy,but I like his video!

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    Bruh he need to go on a vacation and bring us with him no bites just relaxation and fun like water park fun

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    cody makes me feel brave

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    Coyote Peterson gets attacked by a pistol shrimp

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    How tf does he not curse.

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    can you do a Pitbull bite for us

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    I like how he doesn’t overexaggarate the pain and I love the hellgrammite earring. That is a look and a half.

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    Hey everyone who commented “get bitten by that animal” you did this to him

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    Cameraman: Dude.... You are bleeding Coyote: 😐

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    Okay I might sound really sick here, but i feel like if coyote ever had an illness and he wanted to go out on his own terms, he would be bitten by a python or something


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