WILL IT BITE?! - Giant Bloodsucking Parasite!

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In this episode, get ready for our full-length Sea Lamprey adventure! Coyote is first Eaten Alive by Sea Lamprey... and then tests out if they will bite! Watch as Mario places the Sea Lamprey on Coyote's body to see if these giant bloodsucking parasites will take a bite. Get ready to watch the strong suction power of the Sea Lamprey!
Big thank you to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and Hammond Bay Biological Station for hosting us for this episode! These organizations are on the fore front of Great Lakes research. If you would like to learn more or have the desire to join the fight against Sea Lamprey, contact the Great Lakes Fishery Commission: www.glfc.int​
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    Are you curious to learn more about sea lamprey and how this devastating invasive species is controlled? Visit the Great Lakes Fishery Commission website (www.glfc.int) and follow on Facebook & Twitter (@LampreyControl)!

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