Did I Catch the DEADLIEST SNAKE in America?

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In this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are in Arizona and they come across one GIANT Western Diamondback Rattlesnake! Arizona's most commonly encountered venomous snake has a huge rattle - and the team are about to show it to you up close! Get ready to watch Coyote catch one of the DEADLIEST SNAKES in America!
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  1. Ivan Espiritu

    Ivan EspirituПре 12 сати

    The snake was probably like: w-w-wait what w-w-h oh am i on youtube? Interesting, i need to tell my australian cousin about this

  2. Trent Ellingson

    Trent EllingsonПре 19 сати

    Have had my nabors in Florida that they have seen them under their shed

  3. DD.

    DD.Пре дан

    No you took him out of his glass and caught hum again. I was there when u do that. Don't lie

  4. Kat and caylee Gacha

    Kat and caylee GachaПре дан

    Okay the thing about there not being a bead or anything inside the rattle is true my papaw found a rattle and we cut it open and there was nothing inside it

  5. Kat and caylee Gacha

    Kat and caylee GachaПре дан

    Omg he’s so freaking brave I would’ve died just trying to catch a rattle snake none the less a western diamond back rattle snake

  6. Alabama Crappie Adventures

    Alabama Crappie AdventuresПре 2 дана

    Beautiful snake! Loved his colors. Not all of the same species has the same personality. I wouldn't mess with it. Loved your camera work!

  7. Chris .R

    Chris .RПре 3 дана

    In 50 years he’s probably still gonna do this

  8. TinyTigerTamer

    TinyTigerTamerПре 3 дана

    I love how the snake just slowly inches his way towards the end of the tube like, “ Yeah you just get comfortable and when you least expect it I shall escape my plastic prison.”

  9. Sivan Azoulay

    Sivan AzoulayПре 4 дана

    I feel pity for the snake! Leav it alone!

  10. Bella Totnty

    Bella TotntyПре 4 дана

    He not scared of ANYTHING!

  11. Alan Kazhygaliyev

    Alan KazhygaliyevПре 4 дана

    Your my favorite RSfirer

  12. Alan Kazhygaliyev

    Alan KazhygaliyevПре 4 дана

    I could see you sweating of scarnes

  13. Alan Kazhygaliyev

    Alan KazhygaliyevПре 4 дана

    Do you live in Arizona?

  14. Blue Jay Aves

    Blue Jay AvesПре 5 дана

    Coyoto needs venome man he is immune.

  15. Tianna Vuong

    Tianna VuongПре 5 дана

    Is the a python? Or a rattle snake

  16. That one girl Megan

    That one girl MeganПре 7 дана

    I went on a school trip to a desert experimental range in Utah and I was looking for lizards to catch and I backed up right into a rattlesnake, it was a miracle I didn't step on it. I told my teacher and our guide got it in a bucket and we took it away from our camp. Rattlesnakes are an incredible species thanks for the vid.

  17. Cole Logan

    Cole LoganПре 8 дана

    Me: when I can’t play minecraft My mom: you can watch coyote Peterson Me: *you would rather make me watch a man that’s beaning torcherd then me playing minecraft wow*

  18. Samantha Sims

    Samantha SimsПре 8 дана

    what a beautiful snake

  19. Andy Betancourt

    Andy BetancourtПре 8 дана

    Thats the snake from rango🐍

  20. Mr pancake Is a savage

    Mr pancake Is a savageПре 8 дана

    I saw one

  21. BlaZe_ Fleece

    BlaZe_ FleeceПре 11 дана

    mario’s job is so difficult 😭

  22. Lg Cow

    Lg CowПре 12 дана

    We have too remember the camera men too they in a lot of danger too

  23. Jacqueline Green

    Jacqueline GreenПре 14 дана

    Can anyone e answer my question please? My friend lives in California and he told me that the California desert is home to one of the most deadliest snakes in the world: The Leesie Snake. I haven't been able to find any information AT ALL on this snake and I am starting to think that my friend is playing a joke on me but he insists that he is not. He told me that this VERY poisonous snake is found mostly in the Lucerne Valley area and that local people live in fear of the venomous and predatory 'Leesie Snake'. Apparently, once the 'Leesie Snake' has sunk its fangs in to its unfortunate victim, there is not much that can be done to help the poor victim.

  24. Mark Ironside

    Mark IronsideПре 14 дана

    Come to Australia and see our venomous snakes

  25. Michael None

    Michael NoneПре 14 дана

    really hamming it up

  26. Akira Cooley

    Akira CooleyПре 14 дана

    aw the desert rat is cute

  27. Jbird

    JbirdПре 16 дана

    Well plus they shed more than once a year lol

  28. Jbird

    JbirdПре 16 дана

    This is insanely dramatic considering we catch these all the time lol, but I know Coyote hasn’t messed with them much so he gets a pass lol, of course you should always take it serious though.

  29. Jbird

    JbirdПре 16 дана

    How in the hell can that rat run around on that cacti...........crazy long sharp spines, no idea crazy rat.

  30. Curious

    CuriousПре 16 дана

    I wish humans would understand that these animals want nothing to do wit us. They just want to exist in their natural habitat. I wish we could just leave this entire planet for the animals so that they can roam free.

  31. Vertex Ammar

    Vertex AmmarПре 19 дана


  32. Christina sandoval

    Christina sandovalПре 19 дана

    How does that rat just sit on that cactus 🌵

  33. Karito Riki

    Karito RikiПре 19 дана

    Coyote lemme just say you handled that beautiful snake so well he seemed quite calm. When i had to wrangle a western diamond from my families yard as a kid the snake was one of the most energetic snakes ive ever handled

  34. Bourque - Hinterberger TM

    Bourque - Hinterberger TMПре 21 дан

    Dude he caught my favorite type of snake.

  35. Christian Dave Guce

    Christian Dave GuceПре 22 дана

    Me:Do you really have to shake your hands that hard? is it really scary? also me:*sees a smol spider* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  36. Who What

    Who WhatПре 22 дана

    All of this channel nostalgia is coming back to me it's been so long since I was here watching these videos

  37. Iishaa mahamed

    Iishaa mahamedПре 22 дана

    i hate snakes 😒

  38. Nida Afreen

    Nida AfreenПре 23 дана

    That is really dangerous


    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢Пре 24 дана

    what happened to Piranha part 2?

  40. Aurelia & Tristan Simonds

    Aurelia & Tristan SimondsПре 27 дана

    Ur merch is sooooooooo coooooooollllllllllll

  41. Justin Getadams

    Justin GetadamsПре 28 дана

    Hes fearless

  42. rakha maulana

    rakha maulanaПре 28 дана

    its the DEADLIEST SNAKE in America the crew: lets go capture it

  43. Flat Mars Society

    Flat Mars SocietyПре 29 дана

    I love how the snake was just chilling and then Coyote and his crew ruined its day.

  44. Paist Rypz

    Paist RypzПре 29 дана

    That rat in the cactus is actually a bandicoot

  45. Bo Zheng

    Bo ZhengПре месец

    What he said was like his timber rattle snake vid

  46. Anju Thomas

    Anju ThomasПре месец

    See a tiger

  47. _perdicular

    _perdicularПре месец

    The rattlesnake is a paid actor

  48. Robocop

    RobocopПре месец

    It looks so embarressed wearing that tube

  49. TheHarlemMilkShake

    TheHarlemMilkShakeПре месец

    I got goosebumps just watching this video.

  50. Devon's wildlife

    Devon's wildlifeПре месец

    Does coyote have a cold? I noticed in his voice.

  51. Feri Egino Attlanta

    Feri Egino AttlantaПре месец

    Ilike snek,Ilove snek,yes subcriber youtube,im Indonesia

  52. bo matt

    bo mattПре месец

    What a beautiful snake.

  53. paul dominique

    paul dominiqueПре месец

    Get the river monster man please

  54. Paul Thomas

    Paul ThomasПре месец

    I love to catch snakes I catch them all the time only non-venomous species the type I catch most often is the diamondback water snake dark green scales black diamonds on its back amber eyes very friendly snake they are a docile type and the diamondback water snake is the heaviest and largest water snake in Texas. Every time I catch one I get bit but I don’t mind I’ve been doing it so long it’s actually kind of fun. and a shout out to coyote thank you for all your hard work.

  55. Tuan Kiet Dang

    Tuan Kiet DangПре месец

    Can you make a video about snake spraying venom?

  56. Jewel K The\One

    Jewel K The\OneПре месец

    i saw three shooting stars at 1:19 in the ski

  57. Luis Bueno Lopez

    Luis Bueno LopezПре месец

    Bravest man ever

  58. Sawshai250

    Sawshai250Пре месец

  59. Gangster vision

    Gangster visionПре месец

    We need to know what happened to the ocelot from 4 years ago at Costa Rica


    LUIS LOPEZПре месец

    I like how coyote handels the snake and discribes it

  61. Ava Maree-Mac

    Ava Maree-MacПре месец

    your amazing

  62. Destro7000

    Destro7000Пре месец

    How come he's allowed outside

  63. coronapie

    coronapieПре месец

    No wonder this vid has 666k views

  64. just L style

    just L styleПре месец

    Him: so cool not dead Me: dead by looking at it

  65. Dave Dawson

    Dave DawsonПре месец

    I used to play in these deserts near Phoenix as a kid. Found a baby rattlesnake once, when I was like eight or nine years old. It let me hold it, and I let it go after a few minutes. One of the best things from my childhood, especially since I know how dangerous they are now.

  66. Gene Starrett

    Gene StarrettПре месец

    Seek is da good boi

  67. Smetlogik

    SmetlogikПре месец

    Arizona! My home state. This had to be back in the fall or summer. Ain't no snakes out in December here.

  68. manvir jassal

    manvir jassalПре месец

    This man is crazy

  69. Uñkñøwñ Cãrãmèł

    Uñkñøwñ CãrãmèłПре месец


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    Ive been watching him since 2014

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  74. Yazi Foughi

    Yazi FoughiПре месец

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  75. Yazi Foughi

    Yazi FoughiПре месец

    “the only thing that is gold we come upon is animals” BEAUTIFUL!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  76. Pro Gamerz ಠ_ಠ

    Pro Gamerz ಠ_ಠПре месец

    Honestly just as chill as my little ball python

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    Flounder FousekПре месец

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  82. Constavlos

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    cobbie playz rrПре месец

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    Trio ShortsПре месец

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  86. • Kxminxru •

    • Kxminxru •Пре месец

    probably to show us how dangerous it is, so we'll be more careful... i think

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  88. Caroline Schulte

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    Coyote: this is one of the most venomous snakes in America Face just inches from the snake

  89. Isaiah

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